History of its origins

History of Eberhards

Eberhard Bezner is the founder and namesake of this wonderful waterfront restaurant and hotel. He has always been enthusiastic about the restaurant trade, and not without reason. His family roots going back to 1568 show that his ancestors back then were innkeepers and butchers.

Eberhard Bezner enjoys talking to a wide range of people he meets in his restaurant in Bietigheim-Bissingen and is looking forward to offering you a homely, comfortable and high-quality ambience.

Due to his worldwide travel experience through the textile company OLYMP, he is familiar with very different cuisine from all over the world. He likes for these impressions to be reflected on the menu and he admires Asian cuisine in particular.

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Back to the past
Historical facts

A journey back in time brings us to Eugen Bezner, the father of Eberhard (born 31/12/1935).

Eugen Bezner founded the textile company OLYMP in which Eberhard Bezner grew up and became involved.

After the sudden, premature death of his father, Eberhard Bezner took over the position of managing director of the company OLYMP. The company is still very successful to this day and has established itself as a high-quality brand all over the world.

Eberhard Bezner, who is now 75 years old, handed over the management to his son Mark Bezner.

But that wasn't to be the end for the long-time entrepreneur. He fulfilled his lifelong dream to open his own restaurant and hotel in his home town of Bietigheim-Bissingen.